How to Use Social Media Ads to Build Your Network Marketing Business

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Even if you know nothing about advertising and are new to social media, this outlines the basic steps to get you started. Social media advertising is a great way to build your business, and it has several key benefits over many other forms of advertising:

1) It is very affordable—adding data

2) It can be targeted—People using social media volunteer a ton of personal information, which allows you to target your audience based on the interests they’ve already shared. Interests can be by industry (health and beauty), by product (vitamins), and by many other demographics such as geographic location, age and gender.

3) It can be measured—adding measurements

This article assumes you have already established a social media presence in at least one of the main platforms, specifically, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It is not a guide for creating these pages. There are many sites on the web that give detailed direction, including from each platform. It is best to focus on building just one site at a time, so before you begin advertising, you will need to create either a Facebook page for your business, a Twitter handle or a Pinterest board. If you already have established at least one of these platforms, then it’s time to give your posts a boost and grow your followers.


Advertising on Facebook has become the wave of the future, which is now. Why? Because it is effective. People are 8 times more likely to click on a Facebook ad versus a general display ad from their desktops, and 9 times more likely from their phones. Advertisers have realized this is where consumers can be reached—at all times—thanks to mobile phones.

  1. Before you spend any money, find out what’s working. Review your Facebook Insights to see what people responded to, what they shared, what got the most Likes. Is it a particular product? A video? A how-to? Then use these topics as a guide in crafting your ad. (Be sure it’s your content and not something from elsewhere that you linked to or reposted.)
  2. Facebook offers many advertising options that can be daunting, but one easy way to get started is to boost a post, which requires paying a fee to have the post appear higher on your audience’s news feed. Since Facebook reduced the organic reach for posts, this also ensures it will be seen by more of your followers. The fee is determined by the number of people you want to reach, called “impressions,” and how long you want it to run. Additional options allow you to share the post outside of your community, so a boosted post is good for growing your base and increasing awareness.
  3. You can boost a previous or new post by clicking the “Boost Post” button on the bottom right corner of the post. Be sure it includes the URL to purchase the product, service or event you want to promote. [Insert screen shot.]

Then you will get audience options. Most of the time you will want to select as many people as possible, unless you are targeting a specific group. If you choose to edit the group, then you will be presented with more options regarding location, age, gender, and interests. When you finalize the audience, plug in different amounts until the reach and cost work with your budget. It’s wise to start low and analyze the results to ensure you are getting an acceptable Return On Investment (ROI). This way you’re not wasting a lot of money if it does not result in sales or new distributors, and you can always go back in and extend it another day if it performs really well.

  1. You will need to set up a Facebook ad account (as you will with each platform) to buy advertising and promote a post. Facebook offers simple steps for doing this, along with some helpful guidelines for creating ads using Ads Manager (or Power Editor). If this is all brand new to you, start with their Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. There are several types of ads, but one that has proven to be up to six times more effective is called a Page Post Link, an ad that appears in the news feed as opposed to the column on the right. Because this appears like a post, it is extremely important for you to check often for comments and reply quickly.
  3. Design your ad to be viewed on a smartphone since this is the preferred device by about 70% of Facebook users. Put your most important information at the beginning to allow for short attention spans and the possibility of the ad being cut off.


Again, this is not a tutorial on how to create and maintain a Twitter account for business, so if you currently are not on Twitter, do that first. Like all of the social media platforms, Twitter offers detailed advertising steps that are very informative, but here is a quick rundown.

Like Facebook, Twitter offers similar choices to whom you want to target your ads. You can also target by interests and advertise to people already following a product or service similar to yours. So, if you sell workout equipment, look for people following similar groups. Also, if someone already follows MLM products that do not compete with yours, chances are they’re already more open to buying from you or becoming a distributor.

As with all advertising, know what you want to accomplish and can afford to spend before you invest. Twitter walks you through the steps to create your ad that are very easy to follow and understand. Have your credit card ready and dive in. Before you do, it may help to know the different types of advertising Twitter offers and how you can best use each one:

  • Promoted Tweets will appear at a specific time directly in the timelines of the Twitter users you target. This is good for promoting a particular product.
  • A Promoted Account invites Twitter users you target to follow you. This is good for generating awareness and building your following.
  • Promoted Trends are the subjects getting the most attention from users and appear on the left side of the page. Selecting this advertising allows you to put your story at the top of the trending Tweets for 24-hours. This is especially good for a sale or promotional offer.

Promoted Tweets and Accounts will cost anywhere from $.50-10.00 per engagement, which is how many times people click on it. Promoted Trends can get crazy expensive, because you are paying for top billing, literally.



In the last couple of years Pinterest has seen incredible growth as more people and brands learn better ways of using it. As a result, Pinterest, like every other free platform, is ready to make money from advertising. Currently, you need to get on a waiting list to advertise, but early test data indicate it may be well worth it.

Although advertising on Pinterest is still fairly new, initial data from select mega brands like Kraft and The Gap indicate it delivers good ROI, better than the previously mentioned social media. On average, Promoted Pins were repinned 11 times and generated $.78 in sales. Additionally, Pinterest users tend to spend more per order, averaging $123.50 per sale, stomping Facebook’s average of $54.64.

Pinterest describes its platform as “a place for sharing beauty and art” and actually discourages advertisers from marketing products and services their niche followers do not care about. So be sure what you offer appeals to their audience before you waste any marketing dollars to Promote Pins. However, if Pinterest does make sense for you, now is the time to create your business account and begin building your board and your following.

As with all organic content, the best ways to do this are to provide great pins that people want to share (Repin) or to hold a contest. Because it is so visual, one ‘rule’ is always to include a photo or graphic of some sort. Then, as always analyze your data so you will know what to promote when the time comes. Be sure to review Pinterest’s rules on Promoted Pins, as they have a few more restrictions than some of the other social media.

Final Reminders

Before you dive in to any social media advertising (which is easy to do so don’t be intimidated), here are a few final reminders for advertising on any social media platform:

  1. STRATEGY–Know exactly what you want to accomplish and determine from the information above which platform and which type of ad is best for your goals. If you’re undecided, loads of great information is available on the Internet if you just do a little research.
  2. BUDGET—It’s hard to say how much you should invest, because this depends on so many variables, the main one being your budget. Remember, while you may not see the results you want, chances are you will see movement in the direction of your goal—whether it’s selling product, increasing awareness or growing your downline. Spend enough to make an impact, then if you see positive results and can afford to, increase your budget.
  3. SEIZE PHOTO OPPS! People are anywhere from 35-100% more likely to engage (depending on social media platform) when a photo is included. It does not have to be professional, and don’t try to load one that is too pixelated. (In the ballpark of 400-800 is generally pretty safe). Post ‘Before/After’ photos, pics of people using your product, pics of a recent brand convention, congratulate new distributors (which they will then share within their networks), etc.
  4. ADD VIDEO when you can. Again, people are highly more likely to watch a video than read an ad. Maybe your product or service lends itself to ‘How-to’ demonstrations. If so, try keep the videos under two minutes (which is about how long the most popular videos are on YouTube). Again, they do not have to look professional, but investing in a tri-pod to ensure the camera is stable might be a good idea if you intend to regularly create and post video. Put yourself in your target’s shoes—would you watch it?

ANALYZE! Failing to review all of the great data provided by each media platform is a complete waste of money. Check your results every few of hours. You may want to try rewording something or enhancing your offer if things remain flat.

Caitlin Schlichting is the co-founder and CEO of Digital Fire, an online marketing company, and is also a teacher and trainer on the subjects of digital marketing.

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