Buying digital marketing services from a “full-service” agency.

Caveman Marketing Mistake #2:

The Mistake

Buying digital marketing services from a “full-service” agency.

Why This Hurts You

Imagine you have a plumbing problem.  Would you be more comfortable trusting it to a plumber who only works on plumbing and is familiar with just about any plumbing issue you might come up with?  Or would you want to trust a handyman who is likely pretty good at plumbing but also focuses on dozens of other things he might need to fix?  Odds are the plumber is the person you would rather trust in this case.  The potential for water damage in your house should lead you in that direction.

Now apply that logic to marketing agencies.  That full-service agency could cost you a lot of business.

The Fix

Full-service agencies are good at a lot of things.  They are good for creative and design and branding and even traditional marketing.  And some of them are even pretty good at online marketing.  But have you ever asked yourself how they can be great at so many things?  They can’t (or at least in most cases aren’t).  Trust your online presence to someone who only focuses on online marketing.  That is the best and only way you will get ahead of your competition in this ever-changing online world.