How To Write Awesome Copy For Your Website

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The best advice I can give on how to write awesome copy for your website is to NOT sit down and try to write awesome copy for your website. Unless you are Gary Halbert it’s probably not going to turn out that great if you just try to pull everything out of your brain that you know about the product or service and write it down.

What you should do instead is find the best salesperson that your company has (or if you ARE your whole company, then you need to just do this yourself) and either begin accompanying them on their sales calls, or listen in on their sales presentations.  You could also just have them begin recording each sales call or presentation with a smartphone.  Regardless of HOW you do it , the point is to somehow capture live interactions with customers where the product/service is being presented and the potential customer is able to voice objections (which they surely will do!).  You may have to go through 10 or 20 or even 30 recordings to be sure you have most of the common scenarios and objections covered.  Then transcribe ONLY those recordings in which there was a successful sale made and the customer said yes (there are some really great cheap transcription services out there if you don’t want to do it yourself – I recommend  Once you have your transcriptions you should use these as your go-to source each time you create any marketing materials for that product going forward.   Use the objections that come up throughout the recordings as your headlines. It will work wonders on your response and conversion rates.  Combine all the best pieces from each transcription including the product information as it was presented and the objections, and how the salesperson overcame those objections.   And wa-la! Now you have the most awesome and high converting copy not only for your website, but also for any advertising or marketing you do going forward.

Know your customer. Find out what gets them excited and what bores them to tears.  Find out what makes their guard go up, and how to get it to come back down.  If you can master this, you’ll never write bad sales copy again.

Caitlin Schlichting is the co-founder and CEO of Digital Fire, an online marketing company, and is also a teacher and trainer on the subjects of digital marketing.

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