How an Online Sales Funnel Can Increase Sales Capacity Without Hiring

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Using an Online Sales Funnel to Qualify Leads BEFORE Getting on the Phone and Increase Sales Capacity

Are you swamped with phone calls with prospects but don’t seem to be swamped with work?  Feel like you need to hire another salesperson but don’t see the same need to ramp up the delivery?  Maybe you really do need that extra body on the phones … or maybe it’s time to implement an online sales funnel for your service business instead.

I know what you’re thinking … “An online sales funnel isn’t really an ideal replacement for actual sales staff.  How is it going to help me increase sales capacity?”  If that is what you are thinking, you are absolutely right … and I’m going to tell you!  Here’s the thing:  Funnels can, in the right situation, do a pretty good job of closing deals.  But in any other situation, they pretty much stink at it.  What they are great at, however, is qualifying leads for you BEFORE you (or your sales staff) get on the phone with them.

What if your potential clients already know about your pricing structure (or at least a minimum amount needed for your services)?  What if they knew how you work?  What if an unqualified prospect figured out that you can’t help them before you spend 10 minutes on the phone to figure that out?  More importantly: what if you could fill those appointment times with actual, qualified prospects?

That is one of the huge benefits of online sales funnels.  When you get it right, your funnel can do an incredible job of qualifying leads before you spend time on them.  Simply cutting out the half of the leads you are currently getting and replacing them with qualified leads would DOUBLE the amount of revenue you would be generating from your sales staff right now.

Do you want to work with clients that have a minimum budget?  Qualify their budget in your lead capture form.  Do you only want to work with clients that have a staff bigger than 5?  How about steering clear of certain industries?   You can get all of this information about your leads using your funnel.

The bottom line is that right now it’s likely that your sales staff is spending a lot of time on unqualified leads.  Online sales funnels can help you increase sales capacity without hiring additional staff.

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