Chatbots are taking the world by storm!

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Have you heard about them?

Chatbots are like Email and SMS had a baby and strapped on a turbocharged jetpack.

And they’re taking the world by storm!

They’ve been around for a while but previously they were only for the big guys with deep pockets due to the huge development costs.

Now, though, you can get your own personal chatbot for an extremely minimal cost.

Imagine having a full-time digital assistant working 24/7 for just pennies per hour.

Chatbots can become an extension of your team and transform the way you interact with your customers.

From handling common FAQs and repetitive tasks, to lead generation, sales and even VIP loyalty programs, Chatbots let you take your hands off the wheel and put pedal to the metal.

Whether you’re a solar company or a salon, a real estate agent or restaurant owner, you can use a chatbot to:

  • Save time and money
    Generate leads and sales
    Increase website conversions
    Offer 24/7 customer service
    Qualify leads
    Run digital VIP loyalty programs
    Make appointments
    Grow your list
    Improve your workflows and automate repetitive tasks
    …and much more.

We’re currently building one for a client which will save them about 10-20 hours per week quoting less than ideal prospects.

This chatbot will be collecting required information and pre-qualifying leads before their sales team has to speak to them so they can prioritize quotes and deal with A-class prospects first.

We’ll also be targeting homeowners in affluent suburbs to attract better quality clients for them too.

What would life look like if you could save 20 hours a week and have a digital assistant working around the clock?

All our bots are designed to give you higher profits, increased productivity and happier clients, and can be programmed to do just about anything.

Well, everything except the dirty laundry! We’re still working on that. Lol

Getting on this now is like buying Apple shares in 1982. Seriously!

If you want to turbocharge your business, get in touch with us today and find out how your business could use chatbots to automate processes and save you time and money!

Caitlin Schlichting is the co-founder and CEO of Digital Fire, an online marketing company, and is also a teacher and trainer on the subjects of digital marketing.

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