5 Huge Benefits of Online Sales Funnels for Manufacturers

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Online Sales Funnels for Manufacturers Return Great Results

So you jumped into online marketing (or more likely stuck your toes in the water) and found out it isn’t as easy as everyone says it is. “Just boost some Facebook posts and run Facebook ads.”  “You need to do video.”  “Rebuild your website.”  “SEO & Google AdWords is all you need.”  These are just a few of the things you have probably heard over the years.

Here’s the problem … without a system in place to generate leads and actually do something with those leads, you’re destined for failure. And while all those pieces of advice you heard all have some merit, they won’t work on their own. They’re just pieces of a puzzle. Each of them COULD help you grow your manufacturing business, but without seeing the big picture you are missing out on massive sales potential.

For over half a decade, we’ve been creating strategies, marketing campaigns and online sales funnels for manufacturers. We’ve seen a lot of things, but there’s been ONE thing that consistently outperforms everything else: Online Sales Funnels. Simply put… they’re a game-changer.

But what are sales funnels and why are they so effective? Well to start, a sales funnel is a simple way to describe the journey your customer takes in order to become a customer. Maybe they see an ad on Facebook and visit your website to learn more. Then, they see a post that reminds them of something they saw on your website. Then, they reach out and request information… You can see where this is going. Eventually, for the people who really buy into what you are doing, they become customers.

Of course, if you are in business and have paying customers, you already have some type of sales funnel (even if building it wasn’t intentional). But if you want to make the most out of your online marketing efforts, it’s time to put your pieces together and create a digital marketing funnel.

There are all kinds of ways to build online sales funnels for manufacturers (and there isn’t one right way to do it for everyone), but we have found a formula that works to build effective online sales funnels for service providers. These funnels accomplish 5 things that really benefit them, and, in some cases, change the entire outlook of their business:

  1. Predictable Lead Flow

    • Leads are the lifeblood of any manufacturing business. If you don’t have a system to generate consistent leads, you are at the mercy of something or someone else to keep your business going.  With the right traffic strategy and high-converting landing pages as part of your funnel, consistent leads are “funneled” into your inbox or voicemail daily.
  2. Qualifying Leads

    • One of the biggest complaints we hear from potential clients about their current efforts is that they waste A TON of time talking to people that they know aren’t serious buyers. There is nothing worse than having consistent leads who aren’t actually qualified to become your client. Sometimes the problem is poor quality traffic. Other times, there is an issue with branding & positioning. But 9 times out of 10 the issue has more to do with the lack of a structured lead qualifying process within their online sales funnel.
  3. Automating the Sales Process

    • Do you find yourself repeating the same things over and over with every new prospect? And are you explaining things you wish they knew BEFORE they jumped on the phone? Do you manually reach out to prospects to remind them about calls and appointments? What about your follow up process? Is it consistent? The point is… if you’re handling a lot of your sales process manually, you’re spending a TON of time you don’t have to spend. Your online sales funnel can (and should) automate many of these lead prospecting activities.
  4. Objection Handling

    • Prospects tend to have many of the same objections. If your manufacturing services are priced at a premium, one of the objections could be that they are considering cheaper competitors. Maybe your prospects are famous for putting things off until they get some downtime. Regardless of what these common objections are, an online sales funnel allows you to address some of these objections before a potential client even voices them. These things add up to be HUGE when it comes to qualifying your prospects.
  5. Testing

    • One thing that makes online marketing (and specifically online sales funnels) extremely powerful is the ability to test quickly and affordably (when compared to more traditional channels). But amazingly, it is one thing that we rarely see from clients in their current marketing efforts. Literally, ANYONE could learn how to spend $100 on Facebook ads and get a few thousand people to see the ads. In fact, I imagine that almost anyone could learn how to do that and execute it in less than 2 hours. It’s easy (and continues to get easier) to spend money on marketing online. However, it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to understand how to spend money wisely to learn something and apply that knowledge to improve campaigns.
    • Here is an example: Imagine that billboards worked like this … you get to put up a billboard next to a highway. Now that billboard will magically change slightly back and forth so that 50% of people see one version and 50% of the people see the other version. Now imagine if we could also track the people who saw the billboard, who actually read it and who paid attention to it. Imagine if we could track the number of people who actually took action from each version. After a week, we could even choose a winner and only show that winner for the rest of the time. That is a fraction of the power of testing that is available when you build an online sales funnel the right way.

Bottom line? When it comes to online sales funnels for manufacturers, there is very little question about whether or not they can be effective. The question lies in how dedicated and committed you are to getting it right. As we move more and more into a digital world, the clear winners will be those manufacturers who can build their online sales funnels better than their competitors.

Want to learn about how Digital Fire can help your manufacturing business with an online sales funnel?  Reach out or schedule a call.


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