3 Reasons Why AdWords Isn’t Working as Well as It Should for Your Lasik Clinic

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So you heard about Google AdWords on a blog or through an ad or at a conference. You heard about how effective it is in generating leads for your Lasik Clinic. Everything sounded great so you decided to give it a try for yourself, or maybe you hired an agency to build and manage your campaigns for you.

And then? Huge profit right?!?! No?

Didn’t get the results you had been hearing about? Wondering why you are getting terrible leads that don’t turn into surgeries or incredibly expensive leads? We have found that it generally boils down to 3 things. Of course, there could be any number of reasons, but when we talk to Lasik Surgery Clinics that are struggling with Google AdWords, we usually find at least one of these 3 issues with the account.

1. You Are Targeting the Wrong Keywords (in the wrong part of your customers’ buyer’s journey)

That list of keywords you made? It seems like common sense. The only problem is that lasik surgery prospects don’t follow your idea of common sense. In most industries we can (and should) target people who are ready to buy. In the lasik industry, if you haven’t been a part of someone’s research phase, you have already missed out. These patients are shopping for electronics or even something as personal as a gym membership. Lasik surgery patients are looking for someone that they can trust with their eyesight. You have to be there throughout their buyer’s journey. That is why we have learned to focus almost exclusively on research phase keywords for lasik clinics.

2. You Are Sending Traffic to Your Website

The number 1 absolute best way to drive up the cost of leads is to send someone to a website where they have countless ways to get distracted from the goal (which is to give you their contact info in some way shape or form). There’s the “About Us” page. There’s the “Risks of Lasik Surgery” page. There’s the “Why Choose Us” page. The list goes on and on. In order to turn more of those PPC clicks into leads that eventually turn into booked surgeries, you HAVE TO have a laser (didn’t really intend for the pun here, but since it fits…) focus on getting that prospect to give you their contact information AND actually want you to contact them. That is a tough ask in any circumstance, but it is almost impossible if you are sending someone to a general page on your website.

3. You Aren’t Giving Immediate Answers to Questions Your Visitors Have

Someone wants to know how much lasik might cost for them. What do you do? You ask them to “Request a Quote” right? Wrong! What you should do is give them a calculator they can use online to show them an estimated cost for their surgery. But you need to require them to give you contact information to use the calculator. What about someone who wants to know if they are a candidate at all? Free consult right? Wrong again! You have to give them what we call a candidate eligibility test or quiz. Then you give them an answer via email or phone call. The point is that these people who are trying to research their journey through this lasik process aren’t necessarily looking to jump straight into a consultation. They likely want some answers to some simple questions without the pressure of talking to someone that they know wants to have them as a customer. If you are there for this entire process, guess who they are more likely to choose at the end of their buyer’s journey. It isn’t the cheap guy down the street. It is going to be the people they have trusted with the entire process.  And it isn’t going to be you if you are first jumping into the fray right at the time of purchase either.

If you think this all seems difficult for yourself or your current PPC contractor to put into action, the truth is that it can be. We spent months developing not only the strategies but the execution of these strategies within Google AdWords campaigns and the related landing pages. But the amazing thing is that it has worked for our Lasik clients. And it can work for you too.

We love to help Lasik providers and would be happy to audit your existing account free of charge to find out if you might be suffering from one of the above issues (or any number of other potential problems). To request a free audit or to learn more about our Lasik Accelerator Program, reach out to us at accelerator@digitalfire.io or call 573.290.2356.

Caitlin Schlichting is the co-founder and CEO of Digital Fire, an online marketing company, and is also a teacher and trainer on the subjects of digital marketing.

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