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Caitlin Schlichting

Caitlin is a digital marketing entrepreneur that specializes in helping local, national and global companies use the web more effectively and efficiently to drive qualified leads and sales using strategic online marketing techniques.  She has been recognized in several national magazines and publications for her social media and online marketing success.  As the previous head of web, digital marketing and social media for a company with over $1 billion in assets and over 20 locations, Caitlin has a wealth of online marketing knowledge to share with her clients.

Caitlin has developed, consulted and managed many online marketing projects ranging from Website Design and Development, Online Video, U/X, CRO, SEO, PPC, Online Media, Online PR and Social Media Marketing. She has managed digital strategy for large organizations as well as small businesses, and has also run her own digital marketing agency, owned and started multiple businesses and worked as a marketing consultant for all types of industries which allows her to bring a unique perspective to the table in almost any situation.

She holds specialized certifications in the areas of E-Commerce, Inbound Marketing, Paid Search (Google Search/AdWords & Bing Ads), Google Advertising, Google Display, Video Ads, Analytics, and Facebook Ads which enables her to bring businesses the most efficient and effective pay per click and search engine marketing techniques. She is also a trainer and educator in the areas of Paid Search (Google AdWords/Bing Yahoo), Data & Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media (Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Pinterest), Email Marketing and Web Design.

Caitlin loves building and designing websites for companies that will help them reach their business goals and dramatically improve their online presence.

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“I am a nerd at heart…but I embrace that and use it to help grow my clients’ businesses.”

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