This online marketing stuff seems like common sense. I’ll just do it myself.

Caveman Marketing Mistake #3:

The Mistake

Trying to do it yourself if you aren’t an expert.

Why This Hurts You


You already have a job.  You play a big part in what makes your business successful.  And you could certainly learn everything about digital marketing.  But then, who would do the job you are doing now?

If you spend all the time it takes to become an expert and then successfully execute digital marketing strategies, it is likely the cost in time will put a real strain on the rest of your business.  That is something that you can’t afford as you are trying to grow.

The Fix

Did you ever wonder how many times cavemen got burned trying to master fire?  It was necessary for the caveman.  Nobody else has mastered fire.  But fortunately for businesses today, there are already people out there who have a handle on this.  Don’t get burned by wasting your time and your money trying to learn something that someone else has already mastered.  The caveman had no choice.  You do.  Spend your time on what you are an expert at and let us use our expertise to help you.