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Most people are well aware that Facebook, like most social media platforms, targets advertising based on the user’s posts. Beginning today the company will share “topic data” with its advertisers that previously had been withheld. This means they’re not only delivering eyeballs searching for your product or one that is similar, Facebook now can deliver the exact words people are using when discussing your product or service.

As is frequently the case when a new layer of the advertising onion is peeled back, some people will misinterpret this to mean Facebook and its advertisers know Whitney Whoosywhat thinks a particular brand of mascara is “awesome.” Those people would be mistaken. The data will be delivered in an anonymous dump, parsed demographically and by words frequently appearing with the specific product or service. I.e., 12% of females aged 15-24 think Mybrand Mascara is “awesome!” Just think how this additional bit of information could sculpt your marketing strategy!

In its usual fashion, Facebook is launching this service to advertisers at no cost in the beginning. Ideally, the ‘reveal’ will pay for itself as brands find Facebook advertising to be more informative and effective; thus, they will spend more marketing dollars there. From our perspective, this helps Digital Refresh to be even more selective in spending our clients’ marketing dollars by giving us even more data to refine your strategy!

Caitlin Schlichting is the co-founder and CEO of Digital Fire, an online marketing company, and is also a teacher and trainer on the subjects of digital marketing.

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