Daily Social Media Posting Checklist

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Social Media ChecklistIf you are anything like me, you need to have a structure or a schedule that you follow and stick to every day, otherwise I tend to go off down a million different rabbit holes. I’m a SEEKER…always seeking new things, new information, new ideas…I can’t help it!  So, since I typically have an unrealistic number of things to accomplish each day, I have to set up checklists and schedules for myself to keep me on track, especially when it comes to social media, which can really be a time-sucker.   Here’s a schedule I whipped up for anyone that manages social media for their business to help you get into a routine. Just remember the number “3” to keep it simple. This will prevent you from getting off track.  I also recommend doing ALL of this from a single social media management dashboard.  This is VERY important! There are several of them out there, including Hootsuite, Sendible, Shoutlet and others.)

These tasks are divided between general daily tasks you should aim for and specific tasks per major social network.

  • Review status updates maximum 3 times per day (15 minutes at a time)
  • Ask 3 questions – in separate social networks
  • Answer at least 3 questions, whether directed to you or in general
  • Comment on or reply to at least three status updates
  • Add at least 3 new contacts or follow new people
  • Add at least 3 status updates of your own



  • Schedule at least 3 tweets, retweets, or links to share (WEEKLY)
  • Reply to at least 3 people (DAILY)
  • Follow at least 3 new people (DAILY)


  • Post at least 3 status updates (WEEKLY – schedule ahead)
  • Comment on and “like” at least 3 status updates (DAILY)
  • Share at least 3 images (can share other people’s, doesn’t have to always be yours)


  • Comment on posts in at least 3 groups (WEEKLY)
  • Add 3 new contacts (WEEKLY)
  • Add at least 3 new status updates of your own (general or in groups)


  • Post at least 3 updates (WEEKLY)
  • Comment on and/or +1 at least 3 other people’s updates (DAILY)
  • Add at least 3 new people to your circles (WEEKLY)


  • Pin at least 3 new images or videos to your boards (WEEKLY)
  • Repin at least 3 pins from others (DAILY)
  • Comment on and “like” at least pins from others (DAILY)

Caitlin Schlichting is the co-founder and CEO of Digital Fire, an online marketing company, and is also a teacher and trainer on the subjects of digital marketing.

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