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Chatbots are taking the world by storm!

Chatbots. Have you heard about them? Chatbots are like Email and SMS had a baby and strapped on a turbocharged jetpack. And they’re…
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online sales funnels for manufacturers

5 Huge Benefits of Online Sales Funnels for Manufacturers

Online Sales Funnels for Manufacturers Return Great Results So you jumped into online marketing (or more likely stuck your toes in the water)…
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How You Can Double Your Revenue & Boost Your Online Reputation

Does your business currently offer free Wi-Fi to your customers? You may not know this, but 79% of consumers say that free Wi-Fi…
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Facebook Delivers Deeper Data

Most people are well aware that Facebook, like most social media platforms, targets advertising based on the user’s posts. Beginning today the company…
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Freaking out over the new Facebook Messenger App?

If you're freaking out about the new Messenger app, then read this:
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12 Step Facebook Page Creation

Use the following 12-step checklist to guide you through creating a new Facebook Page for your business from scratch. In a digital world…
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How to Use Social Media Ads to Build Your Network Marketing Business

Even if you know nothing about advertising and are new to social media, this outlines the basic steps to get you started. Social…
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Social Media Checklist

Daily Social Media Posting Checklist

If you are anything like me, you need to have a structure or a schedule that you follow and stick to every day,…
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