3 Simple Website Changes Top Manufacturers are Making to Get More Leads

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3 Simple Website Changes Top Manufacturers & Construction Suppliers are Making to Get More Leads

Your website is your identity.

When people hear about your business, they go check out your website (or your social media profile … which should lead them to your website).

This is something most manufacturers and construction suppliers are getting used to at this point.  So you’ve already been told that you have to have great photos and imagery on your website to show how great your work or product is.  You’ve already been told that you have to have your phone number visible (and clickable on a mobile device).  You have probably even been told that your website needs to be mobile responsive (this is just a technical way of saying that people don’t want to throw their phone through a window when they visit your website on their smartphones).

These are all really good pieces of advice (and they are an absolute must in today’s online world).  But what are top manufacturers doing on their websites to really drive more leads?  Here are 3 simple ways to optimize your manufacturing or construction supply website to generate more leads and grow your business:

1. Add a “Call to Action” or “CTA” at the top of the front page.

This step is overlooked far too often.  People put up a contact page and assume their site visitors will look for it and understand that they can get a free quote or a free estimate or a product sample.  The truth is that website visitors don’t typically come to your site with an action plan in mind.  It is your website’s job to convince them to take action.  And you really don’t want them to be taking just any action.  You want them to reach out to ask about a specific product or service.  And you want them to understand exactly what they are going to get in return.

Adding a clear CTA button on the header of your site and/or on the main part of the homepage that you can see when the site loads is a big deal.  It can change your site from one that site visitors visit to do research and then leave to one that site visitors intend to do research, but also reach out to you to become a customer while they are there.  That is a MONUMENTAL difference when it comes to outcomes.  And you can imagine the difference it could make for your business.

2. Add testimonials from your best customers

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Have you ever driven up to a restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night around 6:30 pm that looks really nice but the parking lot is almost empty?  Was your first thought, “This place looks nice, I’m sure it will be good.”?  Or was it, “I wonder why nobody is here.  It must not be that good.”?  If you are like me, you were thinking the second option.

That’s because we, as humans, have a natural tendency to not want to be the only person doing something.  We don’t want to be first.  We want to see other people (awesome people just like us or even better than us) eating at that restaurant.  Seeing a bunch of other people somewhere makes us assume that place is great.

So find as many of your best customers as possible and ask them to provide a quick testimonial (along with their permission to use their picture) to show off on your website.  Or you could make an even bigger impact if you can get them to record a quick video testimonial to place on your site (just a short iPhone video is perfect!)…no need to get fancy.

These testimonials go a long way to making a sale easier when you get a lead.

3. Incorporate a “Live Chat” option for site visitors who have a question and want a quick answer

I know what you are thinking.  “I don’t have time to be answering questions all day.”  That’s ok … partially because you almost certainly won’t be answering questions all day unless you have a ton of traffic to your site and partially because you don’t actually have to have the “live” part of the live chat available all the time.  It is a huge bonus when it is available.  When it isn’t, it is still a great way to grab someone’s attention and get them to start a conversation … even if you have to let them know it might be an hour or two before you can get back to them.
People love convenience, and you want them to have a conversation so you can turn them into a customer.  This is the most convenient way to start a conversation with your site visitors that is convenient for them.
These 3 changes alone aren’t going to make your website the best in the manufacturing or construction supply business.  But they will help you capitalize on the traffic that is already coming to your website by increasing the conversion rate, adding social proof, and driving real-time engagement with your business.
If your website doesn’t already have these features in place, you probably want to consider getting in touch with your web team and adding them.  If they are already in place, it’s always good to review what you’ve got and make sure everything is up-to-date and functional.
P.S. Wondering if your website is up to par?  Feel free to reach out and schedule a quick call.  One of our website strategists will be happy to take a look and give you some ideas of how you could improve.  Email grow@digitalfire.io or call 1-573-290-2356 to schedule your call

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